About Mulford Construction Company

A Family-Owned Business Known for Personal Connections

Mulford Construction Company was founded by Richard “Dick” Mulford in 1976 and, at the time, focused on building custom homes. In the late 1980’s, Dick turned operations over to his son-in-law William “Foozie” Fowler. 

Foozie’s son, Kurt, began his career in 2000, helping his dad build custom homes.  While building, he watched and learned from his father. Kurt studied and learned the trade and methodically began building his future and making his vision a reality. Part of that vision was expanding to digging basements and grading lots for the homes MCC built. 

The vision didn’t stop there. Soon after, he marketed MCC’s services to other homebuilders and added a utility division. Kurt’s determination and enthusiasm has grown the company from a few employees to over 150+ employees with multiple specialties. Kurt continues to drive and lead the company to new heights. 

Under his leadership, the company has grown revenues each year.  While the final chapter is not written for Mulford Construction, one thing you can count on is Kurt’s commitment to his employees and clients to deliver a genuine workplace and quality craftsmanship.

Our Leadership Team

Mulford’s leadership team works together to balance their extensive experience in the construction industry with a solid commitment to driving growth and supporting diversity in our surrounding local and business communities. Mulford’s leadership group is comprised of a team that can deliver the highest results for its clients and employees at every level.

Kurt Fowler

Chief Executive Officer

Ronnie Johnikin


Branden Anderson

Vice President

Jamin Hartle

Director of Purchasing

Rob Krashoc

Safety Manager

Russell Lanigan

Senior Estimator

Chris Sullivan

Fleet Manager

John Kline

Senior Project Manager

Dillon Johnikin

Dispatcher/Project Engineer

Jered Browning

Senior Estimator

Nick Beachley

GPS Manager

Scott Taylor

Senior Project Manager

John Lanigan

Chief Estimator

Josh Morey

Senior Estimator

Shannon Furr

Contracts Manager